Irrigation | Riego

This might seem like an unglamorous topic… perhaps a bit, geeky? However, irrigation is the lifeline of your vineyards. In some regions it simply is not possible to let Mother Nature take over. In modern winemaking long gone are the days of rain dances and appealing to the Rain Gods. Instead, irrigation is implemented. All systems are NOT created equal, and this decision will impact 100% of your final wine.

The main objective of controlling drip irrigation is to target the effective root zone to enable the uptake of water to the vine. Although vines need water to survive, the effective use of water through irrigation is often over-looked by those tending the vineyard.

Irragation, Riego, Altos Las Hormigas Harvest 2012

There are many variables in the vineyard that will affect how and why we irrigate including soil type, soil variability and environmental factors.

Irrigation, Riego, Altos Las Hormigas Harvest 2012

Drip Irrigation, Altos Las Hormigas, Harvest 2012, Mendoza

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