Bud Break | Brotación

The vine begins the process of bud break and the first sign of green in the vineyard emerges. Every viticulturist waits for this moment. The energy to facilitate this growth comes from reserves of carbohydrates stored in roots and the wood of the vine from the last growth cycle. Eventually the shoots sprout tiny leaves that can begin the process of photosynthesis producing the energy to accelerate growth.

Bud Break 2011, Harvest, Altos Las Hormigas

The bud bursts and shoots grow rapidly in the early stages, encouraged by the availability of winter moisture and solar energy through lots of SUNSHINE! Something we have plenty of here in Mendoza. Mauricio, Altos’ viticulturist, checks the vines daily, monitoring growth, vigor, overall health, and waiting to spot signs of flowering.

Altos Las Hormigas, Bud Break, Harvest 2012

The below photo is bud break on a Bonarda Argentina vine, which is trained on a Parral canopy system.

Budbreak 2011, Altos Las Hormigas

After a period of approximately two months (depending on grape variety, site and climatic conditions) shoot growth slows and flowering occurs.

Grape Cluster in Flowering Stage, Altos Las Hormgias Harvest 2012



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